PureGuardian H4610 Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Looking for more info on the PureGuardian H4610 Cool Mist Humidifier? We got you covered. Find out what's special about it, how it compares to other models, and much more.

In order to stop these adverse effects of dry air, you may consider purchasing a humidifier. The humidifier is going to play an important role in ensuring that the moisture levels in your home are restored to the desired levels.

Ideal Comfortable humidity level at your home are likely to dry out your skin and respiratory passages and even cause damage to your home’s interior. If the humidity levels in your home happen to fall below 30% then you will start feeling cold and you may also experience an increase in static electricity and walls and wood flooring may begin to crack.

Soon your home will start feeling warmer and comfortable. One good humidifier is the PureGuardian H4610 120-Hour Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier.

Features Of The PureGuardian H4610 Humidifier

PureGuardian H4610 Humidifier Review

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Ultrasonic technology

This are using Best Ultrasonic Technology. The Pure Guardian H4610 120-Hour Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier just like any other guardian devices makes use of the Ultrasonic technology to generate and spray the mist. With this technology, there is a metal diaphragm that vibrates at a virtually silent ultrasonic frequency to rapidly generate and disperse a fine, even mist for a comfortable room environment.

This rapid vibration is also responsible for the death of some bacteria in the water. The other advantage of this technology is the fact that it is quiet. The mist generated is released quietly both on low and high settings. However, there are times you might hear some very low soothing noise. This is white noise and most people find this so soothing especially The Best Quality Home Humidifier Reviews And Ultimate Guides is being used in the bedroom.

Technically, the only noise that you might here is that of the water gurgling from inside the device. This device is also very fast to begin operation in the sense that it begins spraying the mist almost immediately after it has been put on.

Silver clean technology

Small silver particles have been embedded into the water to help fight the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water. This Pure Guardian H4610 Humidifier Silver Clean Technology works by providing microbial and odor protection to each product. Nano-silver is infused into the tank at a molecular level, meaning that the nano-silver is bonded to the tank and will never fall out.

The nano-silver used in this Silver Clean Technology will last the entire lifetime of the product, wash after wash. Moisture activates the silver particles which continuously releases antimicrobial silver ions. The silver ions bind to bacteria proteins and eradicate odor-causing bacteria and fungus.

Therefore, you can be assured that the mist coming from the device is clean, healthy and free of any odor.

Warm and cool humidification

Best For cool mist Air and warm mist humidifier. The Pure Guardian H4610 120-Hour Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier produces both warm and cool mist depending on your preference making it convenient when you need either. However, the manufacturers of this device prefer you use the cool mist whenever you are using the device where the children are around.

The warm mist is likely to cause scalding to children. Having both temperatures on the same device is a very good and convenient idea since you do not have to buy two devices to suit this.

2 Gallon tank

Thanks to the tank size of 2 gallons, this device is capable of working continuously for up to 120 hours before the next refill is made. This reduces your work and gives you the confidence doing other activities for days before considering checking whether the humidifier needs another refill.

The PureGuardian H4610 120-Hour Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier is capable of humidifying small rooms and large rooms. Use the low settings when you are using the device is a small room and the high settings when the device is being used in a large room.

High output adjustable nozzle

This Humidifier infuses the room with humidity by sending the mist in two directions. The adjustable spray feature has 3 settings which allow you to set the device to either high or low in cool or warm temperatures to accommodate either a large or smaller room.

Refill indicator

Still, in technology,The Cool Mist Humidifiers Ultimate and Guides has a low water indicator light. This helps you to know when the tank is running out of the water and needs refilling. Then there is the auto shut off feature. This works on the theory that once the device runs out of the water, it automatically shuts off the humidifier until when more water will be added.

It tips over shutoff and overload protection. These two features are safety features that help to prevent accidents with the device. They also play an important role in preventing power wastage in case the device runs out of the water. There is also a night light on the device with an on/off switch for convenience.

The device has no filters but you are advised to use distilled water with it. if you use hard water, there are chances white dust might for with the mist released. However, you can purchase a demoralization filter and be able to use hard water on the device.


  • Ultra quite an operation thanks to the ultrasonic technology.
  • Extended run time that is 120 hours.
  • Has a higher output adjustable nozzle.
  • Low water indicator.
  • Large capacity water tank.
  • Produces both warm and cold mist.
  • Has a refill indicator.
  • Does not need a filter for operation..


  • New design not easy to clean.

Features at a Glance

  • Ultrasonic technology.
  • Silver clean technology.
  • Ultra quick.
  • 2-gallon tank.
  • High output adjustable nozzle.
  • Warm and cool humidification.
  • Refill indicator.
  • No filters needed.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 15.6 x 11.5 inches.
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 8.4 pounds.
  • UPC: 817624010205.
  • Item model number: H4610.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the difference between the 4500 and 4600 model? Is the 4600 a newer model?

A. The 4600 is the latest model. The most notable difference between the two is that the 4600 has 3 specific levels to choose the amount of vapor produced. As for the 4500, it has an infinite variable controller.

Q. Does using distilled water make it to last longer?

A. I have been using cold water but distilled water will definitely make it last for a longer time.

Final Verdict

The Ultrasonic Humidifier disperses a warm or cool stream of moisture throughout your room to alleviate The best humidifiers for allergies reviews To Control, Sinus Problems and symptoms and make your home more comfortable. This unit also offers a 3-year warranty to its users and least we also forget the amount of technology used in the device to make it among the best humidifiers in the market today. If I may be asked, this device is a plus for me.



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