How to Properly Clean Humidifier

Humidifiers existence is notable because they have been helping many people to keep themselves away from dry air problems. They work perfectly to keep the humidity inside your house. With the fresh and friendly air, you and your family will be away from problems like cracked lips, nose bleeding, dry skin, and many other related conditions.

Although there are many types of humidifiers sold in the market, basically the function is to emit water vapor into your indoor space to maintain the recommended level of humidity. When operated successfully, the humidifiers can alleviate all the problems mentioned. So you will not meet any of the dry air related problems when having a humidifier which is operated properly. However, you want to make sure that the air inside your home is free from pollutants. In order to prevent contaminants and pollutants from entering your house, you need to properly clean your device. While you clean the device, you also need to check the device’s condition as well.

All the tips that will be shared are based on the best approaches. Since humidifiers are often used by homeowners, I acknowledge the importance of finding the best items and tools to help you with the cleaning process. That’s why

How To Clean Your Humidifier

Spot Cleaner

This is the very first thing you need to do. You have probably heard about the effectiveness of vinegar in cleaning wooden furnishings both hardwood and softwood units. Well, it works pretty much the same. You only need to prep the mixture of water and vinegar. Speaking about the composition, I will recommend 2 water and 1 vinegar. For instance, if you use 500 ccs of water, then you need to add 250 ccs of vinegar in the mixture.

Pour the mixture into a cleaner bottle or sprayer so that you can easily apply it on the dirty area. The next thing you need to do is to take the water tank away from its base and from the filter. The base of your device needs to be set apart so that you can proceed to the next step. Keep in mind to be very careful when doing this. I don’t know about your humidifier, some of the models out there are easily broken when the users do not properly do this step.

Clean the Water Tank

Cleaning the water tank is somewhat tricky part to do. Basically, it is very easy since you only need to mix a tbsp of bleach and water. Then fill the mixture to the tank of the device. In this case, you need to go with the best household bleach. Take some time to research about the best household bleaches sold in the market.

After filling the mixture to the tank, let it sit about 40-50 minutes. If you are not routinely cleaning your humidifier, you may want to let it sit for a longer time to ensure all the dirt are removed from the layer of the tank. Also, don’t forget to remove the cap in advance.

Filter Cleaning

Meanwhile, you can clean your humidifier filter. It can be done while you are waiting for the water tank is cleaned. At this step, you need more and only vinegar. It can be any type of vinegar but usual kitchen vinegar is recommended. Pour 3 cups of vinegar in a bowl. Then carefully remove your filter and soak it in the vinegar. In most cases, you should wait around 30 minutes to ensure all the pollutants and contaminants removed from the filter. But it can take longer depending on your filter sanitation.

Clean the Base

While waiting on your filter and water tank cleaning, you can proceed to the next step. It is to clean the base of your humidifier. It is easy to clean the base. You only need to mix the white vinegar with water (1:2) and pour it on the base. The amount of liquid you pour will depend on your exact humidifier dimension. The size of humidifier base from one model to another can be different. In this case, it is important to rely on your own assessment to measure the size and the amount of liquid you need to clean the base.

The time of waiting, once again, depend on the size of the base as well as the levels of dirtiness. You can carefully check it when the residue is removed then it is the perfect time to get rid of it completely. Now it is the tricky part. Some folks tend to use any cloth which results in scratch in the base. You can use a soft cloth and remove the residue gently to prevent it. Then you can rinse it well.

Don’t forget to disinfect the base. The fact is that there is no point when removing residue but leaving “unfriendly” bacterias in the base. Speaking of which, you can use your chlorine bleach. Mix a tsp of chlorine bleach with a good amount of water. Pour the mixture to the base of your device. Wait for 30-50 minutes. Cleaning the base can take about an hour in total. It is probably a long time for you. But trust me, it is worth your time. Besides, you only need to do the initial stages and then leave them until the residue is removed. Meanwhile, you can allocate your leisure time for something else.

The Last But not Least

If you have done all of the steps above, then you can proceed to clean any part from the mixture. Make sure you clean them thoroughly and leave no residue of bleach or vinegar. After clean and dry them, you can rearrange them. Don’t forget to add the water into the tank before assembling them together.

With those easy steps, you will have peace of mind that the mist inside your house is not polluted and safe for you and your family. I am pretty sure that you agree at this point since there is a worse scenario when a room with a good humidity but bring pollutants and bacteria. When this occurs, even adding the most expensive humidifier in your home will be useless. But once you clean humidifier properly, you and your family will be safe and sound.

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