Mistakes People Make When Using A Humidifier

It is natural that most folks don’t know how to operate humidifier when they first install it to their house. If it is the first time for you, you will want to follow the user’s manual to operate the humidifier properly. The manufacturer’s manual is made not only to show you how to operate your humidifier but also o clean and maintain it. By doing these, you will have peace of mind that your humidifier will not be broken anytime soon.

But things may never seem to be good at all times. You feel that you have done everything suggested by the manufacturer’s manuals, but you still see it does not work the way it should be.

Without realizing it, there are probably some mistakes you might be making in the care and use of the humidifier unit in your house.

Here are the common mistakes that you need to be aware of.

Choosing the wrong unit

Mistakes can often happen when you purchase the unit for your house. We’d like to focus on the size and the type. When you chose the wrong size, the humidifier might not be effective for your room size. The humidifier is bad when you choose the smaller size. Your room might be renovated in the future and it will be larger than before. Not to mention that you may rearrange your room in the future. This will affect how your humidifier works. When you are in doubt, you can’t go wrong with purchasing the larger unit for your house. After all, a humidifier is not really demanding in term of electrical power sources.

There are many types of the humidifiers on the market. There are flow-through units, most units, and steam units. Different types can work in different conditions. You will want to read about them before picking any.

Putting your humidifier in the wrong spot

It is also one of the most common mistakes. It sounds so simple when you place it beyond the reach. But hard-to-reach location means just as bad as not effective. That means it will be hard to turn it on and off, replace the filter, fill the water, etc. For busy and hectic folks, it is definitely a bother.

Not aware of the humidity levels in your home

The humidity levels can be a game changer. Humidity is the level of water vapor in your room. The humidity levels are shown in percentage. The level of humidity in your room can help you to alleviate the allergic reactions and symptoms. But if the levels are out of control, the highest level of humidity can affect your respiratory system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the humidity levels below 60% is an ideal percentage in the warmer seasons. Meanwhile, you could keep the humidity levels between 25% to 40% in the colder months, or winter season.

You can rest assured that most recent models of humidifiers come with the humidity or moisture level. But it does not hurt at all to purchase hygrometer for more accurate measurement. Either way, as long as you are able to monitor the humidity level, you are golden.

Too high humidity

Humidity levels can be rising. Presuming that you will be around in the house for a long time, you need to make sure that the humidity levels are still in the acceptable number. Higher humidity levels can cause allergies to grow in your house. These allergens include dust mite, mold, and mildew.

Let the water sit for a too long time in the humidifier

When you are not using your humidifier, you could actually remove the water. Let the water sit in the unit for days can put the risk to grow the bacteria. I am pretty sure that you will read this in your manufacturer’s manual. You will be encouraged to empty the water, clean the tank when not in use, read this reference.

Make sure you follow the directions in the manual from beginning to the end.

Not cleaning your humidifier

It is one of the most common mistakes done by the humidifier owners around the world. When you overlook the importance to clean the humidifier on regular basis, you will impose the risks of pollutant increase. The air will be affected by your humidifier.

As mentioned, each manufacturer comes with the clear manual that shows you how to clean and maintain your humidifier effectively. If you do not do the maintenance on a regular basis, the unit can grow mold, mildew, and even bacteria. Then you purchasing expensive humidifier will come to waste because those allergens are still scattering around your house. The dirty mist can improve the allergens. This is dangerous for all your family members.

Using tap water for filling the humidifier

The most recent unit of humidifier works by breaking up water particles and spraying it up to the room. The “white dust” mineral will be around the room if you fill the unit with tap water. The unfiltered water brings such big minerals. As we know, the mineral deposits in the humidifier are the most ideal medium for bacteria and other allergens to grow. You will want to exclude the unfiltered tap water from it. Instead, you could use purified water or demineralized water to the filling. This practice will indeed help you to banish the allergens from your house.

Not paying attention to static electricity

The static electricity usually happens during colder months, or in the winter season. This happens when there is an electrical imbalance between the surrounding environment with your body. You would experience painful shocks every time your fingers touch something metal. It is because that the humidity is too low. That’s why it is important to keep the ideal humidity levels in between 20% to 40% depending on the needs.

Overlooking the routine maintenance

Maintain your unit once in a year will not work. Routine maintenance is a pivotal thing to do to make sure that your humidifier will work without any problem. It is important to clean and have it serviced. When you neglect it, there’s a chance that you end up with being polluted by the mildew and mold throughout your house.

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