Kidde i12040 120v Ac/dc Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Back up Lot of 6 Kidde Review

Every year, Fire and rescue service is called to over 600,000 fires which result in over 800 deaths and over 15,000 injuries. About 50,000 of these happens in homes and they kill up to 11,000 people many of which could have been prevented if people were given an early warning and could have walked out in time to escape.

In fact, reports show that you are twice as likely to die in a house fire that has no smoke alarm than one that has. Buying a smoke alarm could help save your home and the lives of you family and yours. Smoke alarms use a means of detecting fire through a smoke and giving a warning alarm which is usually a loud beeping sound. They are normally the size of a hand and they are often fitted on the ceiling. There are many types of smoke alarms in the market today and each of them uses a unique means to detect fire.

Some of these types include those that use ionization which is the cheapest to purchase. Then there are those that use optical which are more expensive. Then there are heat alarms and a combined optical smoke and heat alarms. One such good type of smoke alarm is the Kidde i12040 120v Ac/dc Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Backup Lot of 6 by KIDDE.

Features Of The Kidde i12040 120v Ac/dc Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Back up Lot of 6 Kidde

Kidde i12040 120v Acdc Smoke Alarm w Battery Back up Lot of 6 by KIDDE Review

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Ionization sensing technology

This device makes use of an ionization technology whereby they are very sensitive to small particles of smoke produced by fast flaming fires such as wood and paper. They will detect this kind of smoke before the smoke gets to become too thick.

However, with this kind of technology, they are less sensitive to fire that is burning slowly and smoldering fires which give off large quantities of smoke before flaming occurs. They also tend to be over sensitive around the kitchen.

One button design (operates hush and test)

Kidde i12040 120v Ac/dc Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Backup Lot of 6 by KIDDE has few callbacks. On the front of the alarm, there is a button which is a combined Test & Hush button which will be used to test the alarm or to hush or silence it in the case of a false alarm. On some models, you will realize that there is a separate Hush button. If you want to use these buttons, briefly press and release this button.

This will put the alarm into a Hush mode and should silence the alarm. The device also has a dust cover which protects the sensor from contaminates during construction. This cover helps to reduce false or nuisance alarms.

Large mounting base

With such a device, it is very important that it should have a large mounting base. This is in order to be able for it to protect the surface paint from dirt and covers imperfections. This also makes it easier to ensure that mounting is easier. The device also comes with a 9V Battery backup.

This is to ensure that at no one time will the device go off. This guarantees your security in case there is power or there is no power in your home. There is also a battery run down protection that will shut down alarm memory when AC power is not present.

This helps to reduce low battery chirp. To facilitate easy installation, the front battery pull tab allows battery activation without necessary having to remove the alarm from the mounting bracket.

Tamper resist feature

The Kidde i12040 120v Ac/dc Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Backup Lot of 6 by KIDDE has a tamper-resisting locking feature. This feature comes in handy in terms of providing security for the alarm.

It prevents it from being stolen. There is also an alarm memory on the device. The alarm memory often flashes red LED indicating the unit that initiated the alarm in the interconnected system.

Pre-stripped wiring harness with tinned strands

This device has an easy installation. It has a pre-stripped wiring harness with an easy off cap and does not require stripper tool. The tinned strands on it increase conductivity and wire nut grip.

UL signaling listed

UL provides testing, inspection and certification services that help to protect people’s lives and property. Given the fact this product is UL Signaling listed, and then it has been certified to be safe for use as a fire safety appliance.


  • Has an alarm memory.
  • Large mountain base.
  • Has a backup.
  • Easy installation.
  • Few callbacks.
  • Have user-friendly features.
  • UL signaling certified.
  • Convenient and reasonably priced.


  • Prone to false alarms.

Features at a Glance

  • Ionization sensing technology.
  • One button design (operates Hus and Test).
  • Has a Large mountain base.
  • Has a 9V battery backup included in it.
  • Has a tamper resist feature.
  • Pre-stripped wiring harness with tinned strands.
  • UL signaling listed.

Product Specifications

  • Style: 6 Pack.
  • Part Number: i12040.
  • Item model number: i12040.
  • Shipping Weight: 20 pounds.
  • Batteries: 1 9V batteries required.
  • Size: 6 Pack.
  • Style: 6 Pack.
  • Power Source: battery-powered.
  • Item Package Quantity: 6.
  • Batteries Included?: No.
  • Batteries Required?: No.
  • Battery Cell Type: Alkaline.
  • ASIN: B018A1L91Y.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are these interconnect cable?

A. If you wire these on the same circuit in your house, there is a one terminal pigtail on the plug which is going to signal that all alarms on the circuit to sound together. The 120 V supply wire will need an extra conductor to carry this signal.

Q. Is the picture on Amazon the right arrangement as I am replacing the original ones and I would like to have the same style?

A. Yes. The wiring part is separate. Personally, I just used my existing wiring. I unplugged the old ones and plugged in the new ones. This should be very easy. Hope this helps.

Final Verdict

The Kidde i12040 120v Ac/dc Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Backup Lot of 6 by KIDDE is an ionizing smoke alarm operating at 120V power source with 9V battery backup. This is an interconnected smoke alarm that guarantees you that you will able to hear it from any location in the house. It also has a hush feature to temporary silence nuisance alarms and one touch button to test the unit’s electronic circuitry. This is a great device and I definitely recommend it for low budget consumers who have very little to spare and they still want a great device.

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