Humidifiers 101 Facts and Other Things

Winter can be a very exciting season at first but as days go on, dry skin, cracked lips, and nosebleeds will be the result of this dry and cold weather. Not only this weather causes body problems like that, but static electricity, from your hair, clothes, or anything metal or electrical, can be very disturbing. The solution for those disturbing problems is by having humidifiers at home.

A humidifier is a machine that dismisses moisture in the air. Relief for dryness to many parts of the body and prevention of static electricity is not the only focus of humidifiers but it also has a lot of health benefits. Some health benefits are it relieves a headache, nose and vocal cords irritation, dry throat and dry cough, and can help those who have allergies and asthma to breathe properly as air quality will be improved.

However, it doesn’t guarantee to totally heal those said health problems but only if the cause of those problems is dryness. Moreover, since humidifier gives a certain humidity level, it can give you a warmer feeling making you not use a heater anymore. Here is the total guide on everything about humidifier that you might need to know.

Humidifiers 101 Facts and Other Things


For starters, knowing what specific size and type of humidifier to use is the very first step, factors to be considered are maintenance, cost factor, and health risks. Sizes of humidifiers are classified into two. First is the console type. This is large and movable as it comes with wheels. It can humidify an entire house. Second is the personal or portable one that can be carried anywhere, even while traveling. Meanwhile, the five types of humidifiers and some things to consider on these types are:

Central humidifiers

It doesn’t emit steam so there is no danger of burns. It is the most expensive kind as it is built directly into a heating unit or air conditioning unit.


More affordable than central humidifiers, however, it works only in one room and there is a possibility of mold growth that will be a problem for those with asthma.

Impeller humidifiers

The most child-friendly as there is no risk of burns. Like Evaporators, it works only in one room and also, it can cause difficulty in breathing for those with allergies and asthma.

Steam vaporizers

Most low-cost portable humidifiers but it can cause burns making this not kid friendly.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Also among the cheapest but is the most energy-efficient of all the types. However, it can produce white dust that can harm people with breathing problems.


  • It is important to test the humidity level daily through a hygrometer, especially if the household has someone with asthma or allergies.
  • Recommended humidity is between 30 and 50 percent only.
  • Change the water often, or daily, to prevent molds and bacteria that may develop form standing water.
  • Clean the unit often. Do follow the unit’s instructions carefully.
  • Do not use tap water, and use distilled water instead.


Ensuring that a humidifier is properly cleaned doesn’t only guarantee a longer life of the unit but it is to make a household complacent that the air they are breathing is really clean and bacteria free. For everyday cleaning, empty the unit then rinse and dry the base tray before putting water again. On the other hand, deep cleaning should be done at least once a week.

  • Disassemble the unit entirely.
  • Remove the water completely.
  • Fill the base with white vinegar making sure to fully cover all the areas that reaching the water; soak.
  • Other small parts that are washable into the vinegar as well. Let it stay for 30 minutes. Using a soft brush, remove any residue.
  • Using a bleach solution, disinfect the unit for about 30 minutes as well. Fill the tank and do a circular motion to fully cover the tank.
  • Clean the base and other parts by tap water, rinse fully until the smell runs out.
  • Let all the parts be air dried.
  • After all the parts are dried fully, reassemble the unit.
  • Make sure to clean, disinfect and fully dry the unit before storing it.
  • Before using it again, clean, disinfect and fully dry again before filling with water.
  • Do wear gloves all the time while cleaning to avoid any skin irritations.


  • Every appliance has a risk when it is not used properly and humidifiers are not exempted with that best product.
  • The most common risk of a humidifier is burned so do not let children play with it.
  • Molds can start to grow if the humidifier releases too much moisture.
    Bacteria that can cause a cough and colds can grow if humidifiers will not be cleaned regularly.
  • Other health problems that may occur if humidifiers are not clean regularly are lung inflammation, asthma attacks, loss of appetite, and anxiety. Moreover, some extreme cases are that it leads to lung disease and respiratory infections.
  • It is very important to know how to use humidifiers correctly as it can worsen respiratory problems it will be overused.


Humidifiers can lessen the need to dust again

It will not prevent the dust to appear again, but only make it grow slowly.

Humidifiers can prevent all kind of odors

Solve the cause of odor and don’t just rely on the humidifier as unsolved odor causing problems can be a cause of bacteria.

Humidifiers can cure allergies

Remember that humidifiers are only there to relieve health problems and not totally cure it. Don't stop taking medicines or going for a regular check-up.

A humidifier can cure dust mite allergies

Dust mites love high humidity and by installing a humidifier, you are just bound to more dust mite problems.

Humidifiers are not good for babies

Since babies' skin are more sensitive than adults, it should be the best to install humidifier at home.

Humidifiers can kill indoor plants

Too high humidity can start killing indoor plants, but if the level of humidity will be maintained to correct percentage, it can actually give more moisture that indoor plants need.


# Humidifiers specially built for air crafts and cabin has been developed to maintain a certain level of humidity. However, some aircraft manufacturers are not recommending them. When the first Le Bozec humidifier was installed in a Gulf stream it was given a less than positive feedback. From their initial study, corrosion to some areas can happen as moisture can get into some areas.

# Less than a hundred of South Korean died and more than hundreds of South Korean became victims of a toxic disinfectant. The said product was produced by Oxy, a subsidiary of Reckitt Benckiser who is making products like Strepsils lozenges, Durex condoms, and French's mustard (increase the comfort).

It is true that humidifiers have these advantages and disadvantages however if properly maintained, those disadvantages can vanish at all.

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