Simple Humidifier Maintenance Tips Done it Regularly With Easy System

When you have Humidifier in your home, it will be wasteful if you are not maintaining it regularly. It is because humidifier will spread the air in the household, and if it is not in the top condition, you can not get the most of your household humidifier. In short, it won’t worth your investment.

Right before thinking about the hassle and fuss, I would clarify to you that household humidifier is actually a simple system. So it does not require high-tech skills to perform such maintenance to optimize the unit.


Humidifier Maintenance Tips

There is some maintenance which you need to check:

  • Check your evaporator pad, filter, and water panel.
  • Clean the spare parts: base, filter, water tank, etc.
  • Ensure the system still work.

This maintenance will keep your humidifier prime year after year. If you need to thoroughly check the system, and you are not sure that you have finished it, you can call the pros to do it. They can do complete system check so that you can be sure that your device still works optimally.

Maintenance for the household humidifier is very beneficial. You can expect some benefits as mentioned below:

  • Avoid coughs, cold, and other respiratory problem. It is obvious. Cleaned humidifier filter means cleaner air distributed by the device.
  • Reduce the bills of the air The adequate level of moisture in the air actually makes the weather feel warmer. And you don’t need to use your heater more often.
  • Improve your indoor air quality. Because all the pollutants filtered by the humidifier, you can expect the fresh and clean air.
  • Help for asthma sufferers. Because of the fresh and moist air is circulated, it is friendly for your lungs. It is a great therapy for asthma patients too.
  • Get rid of “invasive” bacteria.

A clean humidifier is a happy humidifier and a humidifier provides lots of moisture all dry winter. Humidifier maintenance is easy enough but forgotten. Prepare your humidifier each year.

A clean humidifier is a good source for your family’s health. And a decent humidifier provides enough moisture for your winter season. The maintenance of the device is easy to do but often overlooked. So prep your humidifier each year and keep these in mind.

Maintenance of Filter or Pad

The most question you might be asking is how often you should replace the pad or filter. Ideally, you should replace the filter or pad once a year. Although many homeowners replace it after more than a year, you can’t be sure how much pollutants and allergens residue left in the filter. When it is not possible to clean them completely, it is best to replace the part.

In another theory, the manufacturers suggest that most models’ filter should be replaced at least twice per 4 months. But it will depend on the pollutant levels in the certain area. In most tropical countries, which are polluted by CO emission, this suggestion may apply. Keep in mind that the polluted air (by dust and other substances and particles) can impair the performance of the filter.

What happens if you don’t change the filter or pad?

Well, it can cause several risks, both to you and your family, and your humidifier itself. It will increase the chance that mold and bacteria to flourish. The more particles are accumulated in the filter, it puts the fan motor to work harder, which can affect the overall performance of your humidifier. This can also reduce the longevity of your fan motor. In a severe case, you should also purchase new fan motor, which is expensive.

Replace the pad, filter or element regularly so that you will have peace of mind that the device is in prime condition. Each model has a specific number. When shopping the filter, you can use this number to locate the right one.

Clean Parts of Your Humidifier

Cleaning parts of your humidifier are the essence of humidifier maintenance. If you want to have a long-lasting device, this is the answer, as simple as that. What you will need to do this is the cleaning supplies. You won’t need complicated methods to make it happen, just a little time, effort, and some basic cleaning items:

  • Vinegar, preferably the white one.
  • Household bleach.
  • Soft-bristle brush.
  • Water
  • Towels or soft cloths.
  • Gloves to protect your hands.

Each model of your device is manufactured differently. But most of them consist of the water tank and the base. Those two important parts are which you will clean. If your device has additional features, rest assured, you can do the cleaning process on them just in the same manner. Just keep in mind, when to involve items mentioned above, you want to steer clear of electronics. If this is your first time, you want to make sure to see the manual in advance disassembling the parts of your humidifier.

The cleaning of humidifier is broken down to these easy 5 steps:

First Step

Disassemble your humidifier. As mentioned, read the manual or other documentation. If you are not sure, contact the customer support of the manufacturer. Set everything apart so that you are able to recognize them easily. Linked to the discussion of the humidifier filter, you can also set apart the filter and clean it as well. Make sure you wear a glove before proceeding to step number 2.

Second Step

Clean your base with the white vinegar poured into the areas. For other parts, because of their smaller sizes, you can put them together in a big container with a mixture of water and vinegar. Soak them and let them sit for around 30 minutes. Depending on the dirtiness, you may want to leave them longer. Use your soft brush to remove the residue. For smaller areas, smaller sized brushes would be an ideal choice.

Third Step

Now come to the water tank. You can mix 1 tsp of household bleach and plenty of water. Pour it into the tank. Make sure the inside layer is coated with the liquid mixture. Wait for 45 minutes or longer.

Fourth Step

After waiting for quiet time, you can rinse the device base, tank, and all other parts. While rinsing, you can also gently brush the surface of the parts. You may need to rinse and repeat the process until the smells of cleaning substances gone.

The fifth step

Let the parts dry, or use the towels to dry them. As mentioned, the filter can be replaced when you are doing this process. Don’t forget to fill your tank with pure water before operating your device again.

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