Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6) Review

The problems of dry air can be corrected with a humidifier. Humidifiers play the role of restoring indoor relative humidity. The same can also be done using steam generators and vaporizers. Dry air has a number of repercussions on people’s health, environment and even on decorative attributes of your home. This is the main reason why as the cold season, approaches, you need to remove that humidifier from the locker and still filling it with water.

Humidifiers differ as they are made by different companies and come in different qualities. However, all of them use water and all of them suffer the same problems with exception of the few modifications that make some powerful than others. Hard water is known to cause mineral deposits that can hinder the effectiveness of a humidifier. Water also has some impurities that can make the humidifier ineffective.

This is the main reason why you are recommended to start using bacteria water to prevent the buildup of bacteria in the water so that the mist sprayed is clean and healthy. Below is an unbiased comprehensive review of Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6).

Features Of The Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6)

Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6) Review

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Easier to pour container

This product is designed with an easy to pour container. Type of container also matters when it comes to products that have liquid in them. Remember, what you need is a product that apart from being effective in its action;

It should also be easy to use. When the container is easy to pour, you are guaranteed that there is a zero chance that there will be careless spillage during use. That means you are going to save a lot in the process and your work will be much easier.

This is contrary to a container that is hard to pour. With such a container you are likely to lose a lot of the content due to careless spillage and it will also not be fun to use.

Narrow container

Apart from being easy to pour, the container is also narrow. This is a good sign given since you will be having a container that is space conscious.

With such a container, it will not be a problem finding a place to keep it. In fact, it will comfortably fit in most of the spaces around your home. It can also be kept on the shelves without it occupying so much space.

Extends filter life

Filters in the humidifier often trap minerals such as calcium. The result of this is that they end up clogging with these substances and harden. This reduces their effectiveness and ends up being replaced after a week or two depending on the type of water you are using.

The Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6) helps to extend the life of a filter from 2 weeks to almost 2 months which is approximately 8 weeks. Most reviewers who have used this product have confessed that the product is very effective in its action. The treatment extends this life regardless of the type of water the person is using.

Gets rid of foul smell

When the filter has stayed in the humidifier for some time, it often begins to release a certain smell that can make the mist being sprayed smelly. The molds and mildews that form in water also cause water to smell. This treatment is reported to get rid of this smell. The water will not smell.

The other advantage of this product is that the ingredients from this treatment are not sprayed with the mist. They remain in the water and you will get rid of them when you are cleaning the humidifier. There are also people who have said that this product help to keep the inner part of the humidifier clean hence you will not have to spend so much time cleaning it.

No wonder it has been nicknamed “The Golden Solution”. With only one ounce per two gallons of water, you can keep mineral deposits from forming on the water tanks and wicks


  • Easier to pour.
  • Narrow container.
  • Gets rid of the foul smell.
  • Ingredients are not released with the mist spray.
  • Extends filter life.


  • Little bit costly.

Features at a Glance

  • Easier to pour container.
  • Has a narrow container for easier storage.
  • Help prevent the foul smell from forming in water.
  • Maintains the humidifier’s tank clean.
  • Keeps mineral deposits from forming on the water tanks and wicks.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 6.5 x 12.3 inches.
  • Item Weight: 4.6 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.6 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Rps Products.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. My latest bottle seems to be containing a different formula. There are floating brown specs in the solution, is there anyone else out there having the same problems?

A. I have the same floating specs in mine. A friend told me hers does not so I decided I will be calling the manufacturers to find out whether they are supposed to be there.

Q. Does one need to adjust the amount they have used according to the hardness of the water?

A. I have never had a problem with it and I use well water. Well, my good water is just good so I assume hard water is not a problem.

Final Verdict

Maintaining a humidifier can be tough. This is especially true if your humidifier is not dishwasher safe and has a filter. The filter needs to be replaced regularly and the humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly. This revolutionary treatment is going to bring a new change.

It is going to make the process of maintaining the humidifier easier. First of all, it will extend the shelf life of the filter. Secondly, it has an easy to use container. The container is also small for easy storage and also ensures that the water from the humidifier does not smell.

These are some of the problems that most humidifiers face and have been saved by the Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6). I am definitely recommending this product to anyone out there. You will never be disappointed.

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