Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM Review

Looking for more info on the Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM, We got you covered. Find out what's special about it, how it compares to other models, and much more.

Holmes is one of the major manufacturers of quality humidifiers. There are a variety of Holmes products and if the buyers are not the choosy type, they will definitely go for the cheapest of products. However, there are a number of quality humidifiers that are not necessarily expensive but they eventually deliver. With Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier you are going to enjoy the numerous benefits of a warm mist humidifier and still at the same time not have to dig deeper into your pockets. Most would prefer this. One of the things you are going to enjoy with this humidifier is its warm mist.

This device is most useful during the cold dry winter. During this time a cool mist must sound weird but a warm mist will come in handy. It not only adds moisture to the house but it also helps to keep the house warm. Cold mist will only make the room colder in spite of the fact that it will be adding more humidity.

Features Of The Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM

Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM

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Warm mist

Warm mist humidifiers are the most popular Humidifiers in the market. This is because of their extensive use during winter. When you purchase a Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM you are going to enjoy a continuous supply of warm mist in your home. This device is most useful during the cold dry winter. During this time a cool mist must sound weird but a warm mist will come in handy.

It not only adds moisture to the house but it also helps to keep the house warm. Take note that warm mist is often preferable due to its anti-bacteria function. When water is heated, bacteria are killed. Most parents will definitely like when their kids inhale a clean and a healthy mist.

Antimicrobial product protection

As noted above, it is very important for kids to inhale a clean and a healthy mist. To facilitate this process, Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier manufacturers decided to infuse an antimicrobial product protection on the device. This helps to ensure that the device is free of any bacteria or any microbial organism that can cause harm if released into the room.

This is an addition to the fact that when water is heated, antimicrobial organisms are killed due to high temperatures. This is one of the main reasons why most consumers prefer this device.

Two-speed setting

A good humidifier should be easy to use. It should also be easy to increase the levels of comforts and the user should also have power in its controls. The Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM has two-speed settings. These are low and high. With these controls, you can change the rate at which you want the moist to be released into the room depending on your preference.

This helps to ensure you receive optimal comfort while using the device and reduce the effect of having too much or too little mist being sprayed.

Filter Free

A good humidifier should be easy to maintain. This is especially true when it comes to the cost of Maintenance. This humidifier is filter free making it easy and economical to maintain it since you will not have to be buying another filter for replacement. You will also not have to be washing the filter every now and then in order to get rid of impurities that might have clogged on it.

However, you will still need to emptying the tank and cleaning it at least once per week. This is to ensure dirt and other impurities do not build up with time. if they happened to build up thy might end up reducing the life of the device and the water sprayed as mist will also not be clean and healthy.

Dishwasher safe

Since this device needs cleaning as frequent, it is very important that it had to be easy to clean. That is why it is dishwasher safe. This feature makes it easy to clean the device.

2.3-gallon tank

The size of the tank is very important when it comes to a humidifier. His helps in ensuring that you have a minimum number of times to refill the tank. The Warm Mist Humidifier has a 2.3-gallon tank that ensures that the humidifier serves up to 24 hours per tank filling.

With 24 hours you can goth entire day without having to be worried whether water in the tank is finished. You are also guaranteed of a night without disturbance. This humidifier was solely designed for small rooms. However, this device needs to be put away from bigger kids, around 5 to 10 years old. Warm mist is created by boiling water in the tank, which means it is similar to a boiler on the cooker when operating.

It may cause burning to the Baby, when touching or when the hot water happens to spill out. Also, kids at this age are a little hyperactive. With the high level of warm mist, it causes a muggy feeling when they playing around too much.


  • Dishwasher free.
  • Filter free.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to use.
  • Runs for long hours before a refill.
  • Warm mist.
  • Antimicrobial product.


  • It should be watched for kids since the device heats the water t produce the heat hence it needs to be kept at a far place where kids cannot go to touch it since it can end up burning them.

Features at a Glance

  • 2.3-gallon tanks.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Filter free.
  • Anti-microbial protection.
  • 2-speed settings.
  • Warm mist.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 29 x 14.6 inches.
  • Color: White.
  • Item Weight: 4.4 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.7 pounds.
  • Manufacturer: Holmes.
  • ASIN: B009U5APRE.
  • Item model number: HWM6008-NUM.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. I get my water from a well which I know has hard water. Does anyone has knowledge how I can get rid of the mineral build up on the humidifier?

A. We recommend that you regularly clean the humidifier with vinegar or simply use distilled water.

Q. Does this device need replacement filters or bulbs?

A. There are no filters needed for this device. I can confess, I am really thrilled with the device. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

Final Verdict

This humidifier is preferred for the cold harsh winter especially where families have a young baby or people with nasal problems. The Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUM is going to deliver a warm mist into your home not only making your home humid but also warm.

It is also cost friendly, easy to maintain and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this device to anyone. Ensure you purchase your piece of this device from Amazon.

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