Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat H1709PDQ-U Review

Some of you have been using the humidifier but you had to be replacing the filter every now and then. This is because the filter was not getting clean well. This is why you were forced to be replacing it frequently. The inside of the tank during such a time did not get clean permanently and you are forced to do it frequently. However, with the introduction of the Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat, H1709PDQ-U things had to change.

This product has ensured that you no longer have to be replacing the filters after every week. The tanks of the humidifier have also been confirmed to be bacteria, mold and algae free. This way, you will also be assured that the mist coming from the dispenser is clean, healthy and fresh. This product is designed for the cool mist humidifiers.

Features Of The Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat H1709PDQ-U

Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat H1709PDQ-U Review

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Prolongs the life of the wick

The Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat, H1709PDQ-U works great with humidifiers that blow air through a wet filter. This product has a reputation for maintaining the filter clean and sparkling. When you start using it, you will realize the next time you go to replace it that the filter is still clean.

Even though it has a slight odor when you introduce it to water for the first time, this odor tends to go away after about 30-45 minutes after you have added it to the water and started running the humidifier.

Simplifies cleaning

Sometimes you will be shocked that in spite of your house been very clean, still, the humidifier had the tendency of producing a musty smell with it. A number of treatments could not help since you also noticed that you had to replace the filters almost after every week. However, with the Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat, H1709PDQ-U you are going to see the changes.

This product is designed with a number of ingredients that cleanse it properly. In order to simplify the process of cleaning, all you need to do is pour it n water and start the humidifier. Each time you fill the tank, at least adds one cap of the bacteriostat and the water treatment. This has changed the process of having to clean the tank every now and then and made it even easier and convenient.

Controls the growth of bacteria, algae in water tanks and wick filters

The mist coming from this device needs to be clean, healthy and one that can be inhaled by anyone without causing any health complications. When you start using this product, you will realize that the frequency you used to clean the tank will certainly reduce. Then the mist from the humidifier is going to be clean and free from any odors which tend to come from the failing filter and dead microorganism in water.

This product has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it helps to prevent the formation and buildup of bacteria, and algae. The ingredients used in the product makes the conditions harsh for the formation of these microorganisms in water.

Keep away from children

This product has been manufactured with some ingredients that might be safe for the body. These ingredients are not supposed to be ingested into the body system. Therefore, the Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat, H1709PDQ-U has a label that warns against getting the product in contact with your eyes and keeping it away from children who might end up ingesting it.


  • Helps to get rid of bacteria and algae.
  • Makes the process of cleaning the tank easy.
  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning the water tank.
  • Reduces the cost of maintaining the humidifier such that you only replace the filter once in a while.
  • Guarantees a cleaner, fresher mist from the humidifiers.


  • Can only be used on cool mist humidifier.

Features at a Glance

  • Prolongs the life of wick filters.
  • Simplifies cleaning.
  • Controls growth of bacteria and algae in water tanks and wick filters.
  • Please read all label information upon delivery.
  • Keep away from children.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 0.4 x 8 x 2 inches.
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds.
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds.
  • Style Name: Bacteriostat Solution.
  • Manufacturer: Holmes.
  • ASIN: B000BRKYU8.
  • Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S.
  • Item model number: H1709PDQ-U.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Do you have to add this every time you are refilling the tank or you just do it once in a week?

A. Each time I refill the tank I add one cap from the bottle of the bacteriostat and the water treatment. During the winter of the last few months with low humidity in the house, I have refilled the water tank at least twice a day. However, someone told m that it is best you add this every time you refill the tank as the bacteriostat was developed to be used to suppress any airborne pathogens.

Q. What is the main difference between the BestAir 3BT-6 Original BT Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatment 32 oz and this one? Holmes has a 2.25% of active ingredients vs 1.25.

A. You can probably use this one-half as much as you would in the BestAir 3BT-6 Original BT Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatment 32 oz. unfortunately for me; I have no experience with the later. Holmes works for me so I would prefer to stick with it.

Final Verdict

If you are going to choose this bacteriostatic you can be guaranteed that you will not be disappointed. The fist is the fact that it is capable of stopping the growth of bacteria and molds in water. These tend to grow at the bottom of the tank. Secondly, is the fact that it is capable of preventing the brown scum that tends to form on the filters. This scum often prompts you to replace the filter even before its life is over.

This is going to reduce the cost of your spending on the filters. Thirdly, this is going to help reduce the smell that often develops in the water inside the tank as a result of mold build up. Sometimes the wick also causes the water to start smelling. These are some of the things that the BestAir 3BT-6 Original BT Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatment 32 oz helps to protect your humidifier from. This is a highly recommended product.

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