Understanding the Functions of Humidifiers to Control Everything

Humidifiers can be included in the home HVAC system or can be stand-alone devices install indoors. They increase the overall humidity in homes hence helping maintain an optimum level of moisture. Different seasons will require different humidity levels. The warm months need levels of 40% to 50% while the cool months should range between 30% to 40% or to 50%. Humidifiers were created to relief health complications that are associated with low or high humidity in the home.

They are not medical devices, but home improvement systems that improve the indoor air quality while enhancing occupant’s healthy stay. The public health challenge of extreme humidity in the home is not news to anyone. The optimal level of indoor humidity is not an option but a need.


Understanding the Functions of Humidifiers to Control Everything


Humidifiers belong to two categories. When buying these gadgets for indoor humidity, you do not really have a choice of one type, but you need both. The warm and cool mist can be bought together because of the different seasons of the year or because of the constant fluctuating moisture in the home. Buying guides would recommend that buyers decide which air is better for them when they are in the house.

Unfortunately, homes have different people and they all have different air needs. Therefore, one person cannot make a decision to either buy a cool mist or a warm mist humidifier. If you’re opting for one, deciding the most appropriate may mean using a try and error method with the assumption that any humidifier will be appropriate for all people in the house.

Warm mist humidifiers heat up and release hot steam. They increase the moisture in the home. You will find them working when the room is cold. The bottom line when they have used alone in the home without a cooling system is that they keep humidity high. Permanent high humidity is the risk factor for complex health hazard. This high moisture will encourage microorganism growth. Warm mist humidifiers retain a large amount of warm water. They will provide a favorable garden environment for mold growth inside them. They will need frequent cleaning if they are going to remain useful in the home. Otherwise,they are going add to health complications if they cause bacterial growth.

Cool mist humidifiers do not mechanically cool the air inside as does warm humidifiers

They technically expel vapor from the house resulting to cooling the overall temperature. Due to their mechanical functioning, you will notice that cool mist humidifiers make more noise. Even though they have this disadvantage, the systems are less risky as compared to warm mist humidifiers. These one are recommended when children and pets are in the home. If you’re making a choice between warm and cool mist systems and if you’re not going to buy the two at the same time, take the cool mist first. It will improve the air quality. When all factors are held constant, inside of the home will often have a high humidity. Cooking, hot drinks, and bathing increase indoor moisture. These activities are constant all the seasons of the year suggesting that without any humidifier, high humidity in the house is almost permanent. This fact gives the reasons why cool mist humidifier takes precedence to warm mist humidifiers.

Both cool mist and warm mist require high-level maintenance that cannot be ignored. Different models will have different specifications, but most common in the market today have filters. Filters are replaced on schedule regardless of the length that they have functioned. Clean humidifiers are considered safer for use and indoor air quality and this status should not be compromised. If they are not cleaned or serviced frequently, it is better to stay without them.

Why do you need to measure humidity level separately?

Humidifiers may or may not be built with a hygrometer. You may acquire a hygrometer differently to measure the level of humidity in the home. The high or low humidity in the house will cause health problems. Unfortunately, even in rooms without cool or warm humidifiers and without a hygrometer, we can learn too late of the health complications. Health complications do not develop when one day is extreme, but when extremes have become almost permanent.

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