Buying Humidifier Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you live in the dry area or experience respiratory related symptoms triggered by the natural air condition there, a possible cause for this condition is that your home’s humidity is too low. To make them gone, purchasing an adequate humidifier is the best solution for you. Humidifiers can help the whole family free from health problems such as dry skin, sinus, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Markets offer different models of the humidifier to choose. Although we have come to senses that it is not difficult to find the best device out there, it is important to know some mistakes you need to avoid when buying a humidifier. Some of these may look simple to you. But people often overlook these.


How to Use a Humidifier

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Just like the other electronic devices, humidifier comes in the different type. Speaking of which, there are basically two types of humidifier based on its cool mist and warm mist. This is the first mistake often done by buyers. Each of them has different characteristics and purposes. So to determine whether you are about to purchase cool mist humidifier or warm mist humidifier, you have to know exactly their differences.

Buying Humidifier Mistakes

Humidifier, no matter the basic type, solely contributes the same function. When we speak about cool mist and warm mist, the key feature is the temperature which works differently against different symptoms.

Warm mist humidifier, for instance, is great to deal with congestion and cold. That’s why it is demanded those who live in cold climate. Most folks will maximally make the use of this type of humidifier.

Cool mist, on the other hand, adds moisture to the indoor air by using the wick filter. these are used to filter the pollutants, allergens, and other contaminants in the water (which is to be evaporated). Cool mist humidifiers are often used by the family who has asthma patient in the house. The cool mist is the right choice to avoid asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Both types have drawbacks. Warm mist tends to have a higher temperature and it is probably not safe when leaving children at home without supervision from older people. In some cases, warm mist humidifiers which are not properly operated can cause skin burns and respiratory conditions. Meanwhile, cool mist humidifiers are always operated at the low temperature so there is a chance that microorganisms still alive. But by knowing this fact, you are officially one step ahead to find the best humidifier.

Not Choose the Right Capacity

It is one of the most steering mistakes. People often overlook the right capacity for their room size. And at first, they did not measure their room size so that they did not know what is the right humidifier for them. At the end, many ends up having the wrong humidifier, it can be too large or too small.

For instance, having a too large humidifier in the small room will not only break your electricity and water bills but also cause respiratory problems. For healthy people, this will not be a problem but people with asthma condition will experience the side effects.

In opposite choose too small humidifier for your big room, the chance is it can’t cover the whole space. And your room will probably not reach the normal humidity level. Therefore, it would be a waste of money.

Purchase Outdated / Second Humidifiers

Some outdated humidifiers are sold way cheaper than most recent humidifiers. Don’t get it wrong. They are first hand and new but produced years ago. Regardless of cheaper price, you may not get the most recent tech help offered in the model. Not all outdated humidifiers come with hygrometer and humidistat. These two things are very important when maximizing the humidity in your house. You won’t know the exact amount of moisture that is needed only by sensing and seeing. That is why most recent humidifiers are built with hygrometer and humidistat to help the users to assess the level of moisture in the specific room. By these tools, the users can properly control the level of the moisture.

Besides that mistake, many buyers tempt to purchase second humidifiers. Well, for budget conscious it can be a great idea to save some bucks. But think about it. Besides there is no warranty, the second-hand humidifiers have been worn. You won’t know what will happen the next month or even the next day you use the device. Chance is that the performance will not be good as the new ones. In the end, you will end up spending more by replacing its spare part and filter. Then finally, you forcefully purchase the new one.

Neglecting the Routine Maintenance

Humidifiers, just like other electrical devices, need to be maintained. And this is an important matter. You and your family members breathe from the air uttered by the humidifier. What if it does not work as it supposedly does?

Each humidifier model always comes with the clear manual from the manufacturers about how to maintain and clean the humidifier in the right way.

The keys of humidifiers routine maintenance are the water tank and filter. Water tank needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure supply the clean water. As the time goes by, filter accumulates pollutants residue which needs to be cleaned. Some units require filter replacement to keep the performance in prime condition. Keep in mind that filter holds the very crucial role in this case. When it is rare to be cleaned or replaced, the pollutants and contaminants are possibly spread around the house. At this rate, even having the most high-end humidifier will be pointless.

Folks have a different health condition. If family members are fit and healthy, then the side effects can be biased. However, it will be significant for those who have allergic symptoms. The lack of humidifier maintaining can worsen one’s’ condition.

Not Doing Research Prior to Purchase

What that meant is that when a buyer purchased the humidifier without doing proper research about price, models, types of humidifiers in advance. Sometimes, folks just purchase what other people recommend. One thing that they often forget is that they have different room size, condition, health condition, and other aspects. If you read this post from the beginning, you will know what is it about.

Be a smart buyer is not a difficult thing to do. All you need to do is to search the potential models, make a list, and compare them in term of features, function, prices, as well as reviews from other customers.

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