AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor Review

It is very important that you ensure your home has a proper indoor humidity. This is because indoor humidity has a number of effects on our health depending on the quantity. Too much or too low is likely to cause the result to skin irritations, allergies, respiratory problems among many others.

They also have an effect on the environment by promoting the growth of molds, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites. These two conditions also result to paint falling on our walls, furniture cracking and they also cause static electricity.

It is, therefore, important that you constantly monitor how the levels of humidity are changing in your home. The AcuRite Digital Temperature and latest Humidity monitor allow you to check comfort conditions at a glance with indoor humidity gauge and thermometer combination.

The AcuRite digital humidity and temperature monitor allows you to check weather conditions at a glance. This indoor humidity gauge and thermometer combination can be stuck to any magnetic surface or stood upright on any tabletop or countertop.

Features Of The AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor

AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor Review

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Nice smaller unit

This unit is comparatively smaller. This makes it easier finding a place to fit it in your room. It is also very convenient since you can fix it almost anywhere in your house including on your office desk.

If you compare it to other models, you will also realize that this particular model looks really nice its display is far much more attractive. With its size, the device is also easily portable from one place to the other.

Big and easily readable display

If you are looking for something simple that will give you something that is easy to read then Humidity Monitor is just the device for you.

This device has an LCD screen that displays current humidity and temperature. These details are bold in characters and easy to read that you will be able to read them with just a glance making it very convenient.

Indoor humidity with daily of high and low

I have seen a few reviews that some people are trying to complain that this device is not very accurate but I can confirm to you that this device is accurate and apart from it being accurate, the device includes notifications to tell you whether the humidity is high or low. This is the most important detail whether the conditions are high low or too high or too low.

This way it is very easy to determine your next cause of action in regard to this information. When it comes to temperatures, this device is also used to tell the temperature conditions of the room. it also gives accurate information of the room temperature with a notification telling whether the temperatures are high or low.

Comfort level icon

The AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor measures indoor humidity and displays these readings on the comfort level icon. When it comes to attractiveness, it is very important that if you are planning to put this device in your house that it is able to blend with your home decor.

This is in fact very important when it comes to your kid’s bedroom. Therefore, Humidity Monitor comes in a sleek black finishing that will certainly fit in any décor in your house. Therefore, it will not be a difficult work finding a place to place it inside the house.

The device also comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturers. This means that if you happened to have purchased a faulty gadget, you are still able to return it to the manufacturers and be issued with a working one.

Low battery indicator

Sometimes, you might be thinking that the device is recording the temperature or the humidity conditions in your home only to find out that the device went off. This is the main reason why the AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor has a low battery indicator.

This is mainly to alert you whenever the battery is running low. This way, you will be capable of changing it early enough before the damage is done. This device also comes with a magnetic backing. This means that you are capable of sticking it on any surface that is magnetic.


  • Measures both indoor temperatures and humidity.
  • Large Comfort zone icon.
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Comes with a magnetic backing to stick on the refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces.
  • Can also be stood upright for tabletop or counter top use.
  • Black finish.
  • Low battery indicator.


  • Has 2-degree precisions.

Features at a Glance

  • Humidity levels on the device are shown in a big letter of the top left corner.
  • There is a simple house icon which indicates if the humidity level is comforting.
  • Has temperature accuracy of +/-4.
  • Shows daily high and low for temperature and humidity.
  • Has a Big and easily readable display.
  • Has a Fold-out stand and magnetic backing for various mounting options.

Product Specifications

  • Item Package Quantity: 1.
  • Size: 3-inches Height x 2.5-inches Width x 1.3-inches Depth.
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.3 x 3 inches.
  • Item Weight: 0.2 ounces.
  • Shipping Weight: 2.9 ounces.
  • Manufacturer: Chaney Instruments.
  • ASIN: B0013BKDO8.
  • Item model number: 00613B.
  • Batteries: A batteries required.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is its accuracy?

A. I believe this unit is more accurate for humidity than it is for temperature. The temperature accuracy of this unit is +/-4. It is then converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit using a low number of decimals. Therefore, you will comes to realize that the temperatures will never read certain numbers such as it would jump 75F to 77F. This is the reason why the temperature might be off a degree or two from what it detected.

Q. Does the unit have a backlight?

A. Unfortunately, the unit does not have a backlight. Therefore, you will just have to brighten your flashlight.

Final Verdict

The AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor is a very nice and handy little humidity monitor. It is very easy to use with an easily readable display. The quality for the humidity measurement is accurate. However, there is a slight variance with the temperature measurement but is almost perfect too but is very good for home use.

The AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor does not have any fancy features apart from its sleek design. However, this makes it very affordable. You can make your purchase now from

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