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Oxy-Sorb 100-Pack Oxygen Absorber 100cc Review

Oxygen and moisture are the lead causes of food getting spoilt as they provide a rich environment for aerobic bacteria to thrive. In order to prevent food from getting spoilt fast, you will need to get rid of these two. This is why you are always recommended to be using Oxygen absorbers to remove oxygen […]

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Humidifier Bacteria Water Treatment (Pack of 6) Review

The problems of dry air can be corrected with a humidifier. Humidifiers play the role of restoring indoor relative humidity. The same can also be done using steam generators and vaporizers. Dry air has a number of repercussions on people’s health, environment and even on decorative attributes of your home. This is the main reason […]

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Kaz Vicks Health Check Humidity Monitor Review

Winter time is not the perfect time at least not for most of us. This is the time most of us will resort to warming our home not aware that we are dropping the relative humidity in our homes. Apart from the cold temperatures, winter also brings about dry air. This Kaz Vicks Health Check […]

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AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor Review

It is very important that you ensure your home has a proper indoor humidity. This is because indoor humidity has a number of effects on our health depending on the quantity. Too much or too low is likely to cause the result to skin irritations, allergies, respiratory problems among many others. They also have an effect […]

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