6 Tips that Will Assure You of Getting the Most Out of Your Humidifier

There comes a time in every year when the air might be quite dry and cold, and this may lead to various complications such as cracked skin, nosebleeds, and even static hair. When such conditions arise, the best solution to them could be using a humidifier, as it's considered an excellent solution to many people.

In fact, humidifiers have been severally used over the globe to combat issues related to the respiratory system, such as relieving asthma complications, among other uses. A humidifier will basically bring back the moisture in the air so that it feels soothing and comfortable once more. However, even as you use a humidifier, there are certain things you need to put into consideration if you want to get the best out of your humidifier:

6 Tips that Will Assure You of Getting the Most Out of Your Humidifier

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1. Consider the humidity levels

We keep saying that too much of something is poisonous, and without any doubt, the same case applies here. You don't want the humidity levels in your room to scale higher than what is recommended. As such, always ensure that the relative humidity is 50% or less, to keep away from too much moisture that may dampen your room, and lead to destruction.

If in any case you notice condensation on places like window panes, glass picture frames, or detect some damp curtains or carpets, your humidifier might be producing too much humidity. You may consider getting a hygrometer, a small thermometer-like device that can help you monitor the humidity of your room.

2. Place the humidifier correctly

If you want your humidifier to operate efficiently, you need to ensure that you place it on a level and firm surface, and at a considerable distance away from the wall, and make sure that the surrounding area is not cluttered. You don't want moisture settling on the nearby items, as this may encourage the development of mold and mildew, which can be detrimental when it comes to your health, as well as the furniture you have with you.

Always monitor the area around the humidifier, to ensure that absorbent materials such as rugs, curtains, tablecloths, and others won't get wet. In case there are pets or children in the rooms where you have placed the humidifier, be sure to hinder to the correct placement recommendations so that they remain safe.

3. Clean the humidifier regularly

As much as most people don't see the need to clean their humidifiers regularly, it is quite essential for good health, as you want to avoid a situation that provides bacteria and mold with a favorable condition for growth. Some people will claim that warm mist humidifiers usually boil water before dispersing it and that there is no need to clean the humidifier owing to the boiling capabilities.

This, however, is just an assumption that everyone should avoid, since there still are contaminants and deposits that may survive in warm, humid conditions, implying that the resulting air may not be as pure as when the humidifier has been cleaned and well-maintained. No matter the type of humidifier you choose, cleaning is still essential and should be done after every three days.

Unplug the humidifier, and then use a 3-percent hydrogen peroxide solution to clean the inside of the tank, to get rid of mineral and film deposits. When through with the cleaning, always make sure that you rinse the tank thoroughly to avoid contamination of the air by chemicals.

4. Carry out regular maintenance

Other than just washing the humidifier, maintenance of the unit is also essential, as it ensures that the humidifier provides the best results. Following your manufacturer's maintenance recommendations is the best thing so that you inspect removable parts such as filters, and replace or clean them so that your humidifier is always in the best state. When you need to store your humidifier for a long period, you need to empty the tank, clean it, and the disinfect and dry it thoroughly.

5. Use distilled or filtered water

A recommendation by most cool mist humidifiers indicates that the users of such humidifiers should consider using clean tap water on the units. As much as there have not been any alarming events arising from the use of tap water, the EPA recommends that humidifier users stick to using distilled water, as it is far much better when compared to tap water. Distilled water will have in it a lower mineral content as compared to tap water, and this means that the users will be exposed to lower mineral and impurity contents in the moisture released to the air.

Besides, if you are a keen person, you may have noticed that tap water leaves behind a dry, white dust on surfaces, after evaporation. Such indications mean that the water is not as pure as it seems. Therefore, the moisture may affect respiratory systems of sensitive individuals upon the use of tap water. If you also want to reduce the growth of mineral deposits and scale in your system, consider using distilled water, as it works perfectly when it comes to such. It's good that you change the water in the humidifier's reservoir on a daily basis, and avoid running a system that has stagnant, smelly, or discolored water in it at all costs.

6. Proper operation

We all know that electrical devices can be quite harmful, when water is involved, due to risks of electrical shocks, and other accidents. Since a humidifier uses electrical power for its operation, consider operating it cautiously, to avoid risks of electrical shocks that could even be life-threatening at times. Even though this seems quite basic, always ensure that you avoid operating a unit that has a damaged plug or cord, to avoid accidents.

Before moving the unit, cleaning it, or separating the motor unit form the reservoir, always ensure that the unit is unplugged. Never at any time immerse the unit in water, or try to refill the reservoir when the unit is plugged in. Also, consider placing the unit at a place out of reach for children or pets, and if they should operate the system, ensure that they do so under the supervision of an adult.


The above suggestions should assist you in getting the most out of your humidifier so that you get the value of your cash back. Always consider going through the manufacturer's instructions carefully, so that you do everything right, and avoid harm from coming your way. Also, consider researching carefully so that you get the best humidifier that won't fail you.

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